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Vehicle crash - Vehicular Homicide Defense in Atlanta

In most scenarios, DUI charges occur before any accident occurs and no one is harmed. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case and dangerous, even life-threatening accidents can happen. When a person is killed by an intoxicated driver, it is known as vehicular homicide or "homicide by vehicle." It is a very serious allegation that comes with very serious penalties if a conviction is reached.

If you have been charged with homicide by vehicle, then swift and decisive action is needed to mount an effective defense. At Willis Law Firm, our Atlanta vehicular homicide attorney has 20 years of legal experience to our clients' needs. Because our firm is completely dedicated to DUI and DUI-related cases, you can rest assured that we bring unmatched insight and strategies to your defense efforts.

You do not have to face this difficult time alone. Contact our firm today to speak to an experienced Atlanta vehicular homicide lawyer.

Penalties & Definitions in Georgia

Homicide by vehicle is described in O.C.G.A. § 40-6-393. This crime can be charged as a misdemeanor, but, when alcohol are involved, it is always considered a felony offense.

A felony homicide by vehicle conviction will result in:

  • A minimum of three years in prison
  • A maximum of 15 years in prison
  • Driver's license suspension for three years

If the accused is found to be a habitual offender—and was driving at the time of the incident without a license—these penalties can increase. For more specific information on what penalties you might be facing, call our team today.

Ready to Stand by Your Side

Any case in which there was a loss of life can be extremely difficult and, as you can see, the severity of the penalties associated with these charges are largely dependent on the judge's discretion. Our firm is prepared to stand and face these accusations with you. We can ensure that every possible defense avenue is explored and that the best possible outcome will be placed within reach.

Facing charges for vehicular homicide? It is possible to face these charges with a proven advocate by your side. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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