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If you’re facing legal troubles and want to make sure you’re hiring the best lawyer to fight your case, the Willis Law Firm is the place to call. Their attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make sure their clients receive the best outcome possible. The office staff has always been extremely helpful and compassionate through each step of the way. Greg has helped me and my family with a few cases over the years and we’ve always received a great outcome. He and his staff are the best in the field. There’s a reason why other attorneys hire Greg to handle their cases! Highly recommend their services. You won’t be disappointed.

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Greg will treat you like an extension of his family from the very beginning. Mr. Willis will not hide the truth from you and let you know what will happen in every available circumstance so give you the whole picture. By the grace of god he helped me achieve a very favorable outcome to my case that I’m sure I would not have achieved if I did not have him as my lawyer. Even after the case had concluded he was very nice and let me know he can recommend other lawyers if i ever need one again. Very professional and motivated to get you the best outcome, I would definitely recommend!

5 Brisamar Arellano via Google logo

I am extremely great full & thankful for all the hard work that my lawyer Greg Willis and his team put in to help me beat my case! Hands down best DUI lawyer in Georgia, he was able to drop my DUI charge to a lower charge. He made sure I was happy with the outcome and went above and beyond after the case was handled to make sure I was on the right track! Will be forever great full & highly recommended!!

5 Amy via Google logo

Greg worked tirelessly for 3 years on my case! In the end he succeeded in having my charges reduced and we were successful in getting the outcome we wanted. He went above and beyond in his arguments and advocacy of me as his client. He also treated me with kindness and understanding when my son was in hospital and we had to reschedule a court appearance. I am so grateful for Greg and cannot recommend him enough. He will fight for you, he wins and make sure you feel like valued person the entire time!! Do not hesitate, HIRE GREG!

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Casey A. Cleaver of Willis Law Firm, was hired as my defense attorney for a pending DUI case. I previously have a first offense DUI misdemeanor charge on my record and I did not want a court public defender to help me fight the charges. I knew I needed to find the best DUI law group in GA.
I heard good things about the Willis Law Group and after my free consultation with Casey, I immediately hired him to represent me. Casey was very professional, extremely knowledgeable of the state specific DUI legal system, and was completely transparent about my outcomes. He fought for me at every point of the entire case until the judge ultimately dropped my charges. I highly recommend anyone dealing with DUI legal issues rather first offense or repeated to hired Casey Cleaver from Willis Law Group to fight your case. I am forever grateful and blessed to have him as my lawyer.

5 Nick Barber via Google logo

So, this was my first time ever needing an Attorney. All I ever had was one speeding ticket and another traffic ticket. I was facing a pending DUI charge. So I Google DUI lawyers and Willis Law Firm was one of the firsts ones to pop up. I called and spoke with a very nice woman. She said that she will get my info and have Mr. Willis reach out to me. After a few hours Mr. Willis called me and that initial consultation I had with him went so much better then I had expected. Mr. Willis made me feel very comfortable, he explained how the process worked, and he instilled a lot of confidence for me in his firms ability to handle DUI cases. He provided me his background in dealing with DUI cases and his knowledge with the whole process. He was also very familiar with Fulton County courts.
I felt very comfortable at that point to go ahead and retain his firms services. I will also say that the cost was not as bad as I was expecting. I setup my payment plan and even the woman I spoke with to set my payment plan up was so helpful and she even made me feel comfortable. She assured me I was in very good hands and not to stress too much.
Now for almost a year I did not really hear from anyone at the firm about my case, but also I had not heard anything from Fulton County courts. I say all of this because I read some of the reviews and some people were saying that they were not getting any communication from their appointed attorney. Please do not let any of those reviews deter you from obtaining their services. I learned that if there is no information coming from the court system. Then there is really nothing to report from the attorneys end.
Now I did receive a call from a different attorney within the firm. He was introducing himself because he was taking over my case as my current attorney was leaving the firm. Right off the bat I got a great vibe from Casey. He had this confidence about him and again I felt completely comfortable.

Then the time came. Casey called me and asked if I got the letter from Fulton County stating when my court date was. Of course I did not get that letter, but thanks to Casey he was all over it. I was a nervous wreck. Again, I had never been in trouble like this before.

Every step from when Casey called me all the way up to the court date he made me feel comfortable and had full confidence in representing me and my case. Casey knocked it out of the park. He was on top of it. I am not exaggerating when I say Casey brought his A game. He guided me the whole way and he definitely knew what he was doing. His attitude the whole time helped me to calm my nerves.

I write this long review to say. If you find yourself facing a DUI. I very much encourage you to choose Willis Law Firm. I also highly recommend asking if you can have Casey Cleaver as your attorney. All you need to do once you retain the services of Willis Law Firm is to trust in them and they will do the rest. The process may take a while, but you will be in very good hands.

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I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Willis. He is passionate about his career and has his clients best interest at heart, all the time. Greg goes above and beyond to be prepared to fight for you and your case! If you are ever in need, this is the attorney for you. Highly recommend!

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Greg & his team are more than what they offer. He went beyond out of his way to make sure i was taken care of legally. I can’t thank this team & Greg himself enough. Willis Law is definitely the best firm in Georgia. God bless for everything y’all have done for me & my family.

5 Reginald Wilson via Google logo

If I could give 10 stars I would! When I first called The Willis law Group I remember talking to Greg and asking what he could do for me, he asked me a couple of questions and then asked me ultimately what would I like my end result to be. After I told him what I NEEDED, he set me up with Casey Cleaver who met and exceeded what I had asked for. I’m beyond grateful for everything that they’ve done for me. A DUI is a life changing event that can make or break what you have planned for you or your family. I was so fearful of how limited I would be and how a conviction would hang over my head, but I’m happy to say Casey put that fear to rest! I would recommend Willis Law Firm to any and everyone battling a DUI charge.
Thank you once again Willis Law Firm and thank you Casey Cleaver!

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Greg and his entire firm are awesome. Casey is my Lawyer and he is top notch. He communicated well and often. Asked me a lot of questions while answering all of mine. Could not ask for better people to represent me. They won and I won. Go see them if you need help.

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Attorney Greg Willis is someone I am truly thankful to have had in my corner during one of my most stressful times. He goes above and beyond and has your best interest at heart. I couldn’t recommend him more to anyone I need of someone to represent them as they deal with a DUI.

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Where to begin? Things were looking bleak for a bit until I found Willis Law Firm. Greg has taken care of everything from beginning to end. My results were awesome. If you need a good lawyer that isn’t afraid to really dig into the details, Greg is your man.

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When you are facing a DUI charge, it is nothing that anyone should ever take likely. There can be serious consequences. Greg and his team were able to put my worries at ease the minute I hired him. Greg helped me get my life back when I found out he was able to have my DUI charges completely dropped. There is no better DUI lawyer in the state of Georgia.

5 Marquis Sims via Google logo

Would highly recommend Willis Law Firm as I encountered my first DUI. Hired Casey as my attorney and got the results that I wanted and kept in connect with me through the whole process and even after my case was closed to make sure I was good with my services that they provided. Will definitely refer people to them for their services

5 Kaylen McDowell via Google logo

Greg Willis & his team provided phenomenal and quality services throughout both of my cases. The results of each case were beyond my expectations. I’d recommend Greg Willis to anyone in need!

5 Kevin Parrella via Google logo

Casey was by far the best experience I’ve had. In my humble opinion, the small details are the most impactful. Casey made sure I knew everything that was going on in the case, step by step, making sure all my questions were answered and that I felt comfortable before proceeding. That and some other details helped me feel much less anxiety and stress we usually feel though processes of this nature. I’m so glad I got to finish my case with him and I would refer him to any good friend of mine.

5 James S via Google logo

The absolute best attorney in the country period. If I didn’t retain Mr. Willis as counsel, I would have been convicted. Thanks to Greg I didn’t have to take a plea to charges I was innocent of. I highly recommend him for all of your legal needs!

5 Caitlin Fisher via Google logo

After speaking with multiple firms I chose Willis Law Firm. Casey Cleaver was very honest and transparent with every option and every aspect of my case. The outcome was better than I could have imagined. I hope I never have to use him again but I will definitely always recommend him to others!!

5 Casey Ledford via Google logo

Top notch law firm, handled my case with absolute professionalism. Communicated with me on every aspect of my case and let me know exactly where I stood. I highly recommend them and if necessary will absolutely use them again.

5 James Hellens via Google logo

Greg and his team are absolutely incredible. Greg explained everything to me in detail, as this is the first ever time I have been arrested. Regular updates throughout the process which allowed me to get on with everyday life. 200% I would recommend Greg and his team to anyone with a DUI case.

5 Austin Gilles via Google logo

I cannot express how grateful I am to Casey and the folks at Willis Law. Everything worked out better than I hoped!! I’m so glad I decided to have them represent me.

5 Robert Zushma via Google logo

Greg Willis is great at what he does. He kept me calm and informed throughout the whole process. I never lost confidence in him and his capability to successfully represent me. The whole team at Willis Law Firm did a great job with my case. I was very impressed by the open communication between his office and myself. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.

5 Adam Gravitt via Google logo

My lawyer Casey Cleaver was incredible. Very responsive, personable, up front with me, and helped me out of a very difficult situation. I would recommend him and this firm to anyone!!

5 Hayden Staley via Google logo

I cannot say enough about how absolutely amazing my experience was with Mr. Willis and his team. From the beginning they worked relentlessly to ensure my case was resolved in the most desirable manor possible. I am endlessly grateful to have had him and his team on my side for my DUI case. Everyone makes mistakes, and some are worse than others. DUI charges are nothing to joke about. They can have a seriously detrimental impact on your life in several ways for a very very long time. Your freedom, driving privileges, employment eligibility, and car insurance rates are just a few of the many aspects of your life that can be negatively impacted in vastly terrible ways. I had a situation during my case where my license was suspended before I even went to a court date or administrative hearing completely unknowingly to me. I contacted Sarah and she responded to me right away. She was extremely concerned with this and did everything in her power to help me get my license back as soon as possible and keep me out of jail. The first time I went to court Mr. Willis negotiated my DUI charge down to reckless driving and had all the rest of my charges, which were serious, dropped entirely. That was before we had ever spoken I’m person. I walked in, sat down for MAYBE 20 minutes, my name was called, he pulled me out of the courtroom, shook my hand and introduced himself, and informed me that he had already negotiated the best possible deal I could realistically imagine possible. I was essentially speechless. My entire court experience was one of the most emotional experiences I ever had in my life. The shear happiness, rejoice, and sense of relief within me after finalizing my plea deal with the judge brought tears to my eyes. I was so elated I hugged Mr. Willis. The day I was arrested and charged with DUI was the worst day of my life. The day Mr. Willis made that go away was the best. I will never forget. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude towards him and his wonderful team full of talent, dedication, and kindness.

In conclusion, if you or anybody you know is ever charged with a DUI or DWI, and you value your freedoms as an American, do yourself the wondrous favor of hiring the superstar attorney Greg Willis and his amazing team of excellence as your legal defense. They are undoubtedly the best legal defense available point blank period. You will not regret it I can assure you that beyond doubt.


5 Danny Postell via Google logo

Greg Willis is the man! He is by far top notch in his field and the best legal representation you could ask for when dealing with a DUI charge. He has represented myself and a number of my friends. In all cases, not one person was charged with a DUI. Just follow his advice and let him take care of the rest. He has great rapport in and out of the courtroom. I am very thankful for his services and appreciate all he has done for my situation.

5 Jennifer Winkler via Google logo

A TALE OF TWO LAWYERS….The legal system is a very complicated and scary beast if you do not see and use it every single day. Everyone said my case was simple. So, despite much great advice, I went with a cheap lawyer. I got what I paid for. A really nice guy that almost got me convicted. Nearing the trial, my friends told me I should consult Greg Willis to make sure I was being treated fairly. After one conversation, I changed lawyers and never looked back. Mr. Willis was able to convince the court to allow new motions and other complicated legal things in our favor that over time resulted in my case being thrown out! He was my white knight in shining armor for sure. Greg, his associates, and staff were extremely experienced and professional throughout the entire process. I have many friends that are clients of his as well and none have been convicted. As sure as I am about death and taxes, I am as sure that you want Greg Willis next to you in the courtroom!

5 Lindsay Norton via Google logo

After consulting with my Georgia State Patrol friend, he said hands down Greg Willis in Atlanta, is the best person to fight the pending charges. When the GSP officer observed Mr. Willis in Atlanta, he continuously saw him win his clients cases, so much so, officers typically didn’t even bother to show up. I would highly recommend the Willis law firm for your legal needs. You can rest assured that when you hire Mr. Willis the most stressful part of your legal worries are behind you. Mr. Willis communicates your options, the plan of action, and what that means for you long term. The more quickly you hire Mr. Willis, the sooner you can have peace of mind. I would recommend Mr. Willis to all my family and friends.

5 Brett Nyland via Google logo

I was referred to Mr. Willis through a friend, as he had faced a similar circumstance several years prior. After meeting with Mr. Willis, he reviewed my case and outlined the uniqueness and the circumstances of the case in way that was not full of legal jargon that those who are not lawyers could understand. Throughout the case he and his paralegal Shay kept me informed of updates in the case and were happy to answer every question without bias. Mr. Willis was diligent throughout the duration of the proceedings in finding the best possible outcome for my case. When my case went to trial, Mr. Willis explained the options that were before me with clarity and without bias. Faced with a decision, I asked Greg if he were in my shoes what he would do. With careful thought, Mr. Willis with conviction advised me what my options were and ultimately his advice proved correct. Greg successfully had the case dropped due to insufficient evidence and was dismissed without prejudice. I would highly recommend Mr. Willis to anyone, not simply because he won the case but due to his character. Mr. Willis is a straight shooter and his knowledge of the law is second to none. I cannot thank Mr. Willis enough for his diligence and communication throughout this process!!

5 Michael Waters via Google logo

I cannot thank Greg enough for his hard work and dedication to defending me. My arrest was 3 years ago and I blew .16. Proseucutors refused to reduce the case and Greg never gave up. He won a case at the Georgia Supreme Court this year that got my breath test suppressed. The case resulted in the DUI laws being found unconstitutional. I understand his case that took him 5 years to win has helped almost all of his clients. After the case he won, he got my DUI dismissed and I was convicted of FTML. I never lost my license and don’t have a DUI on my record. He saved my job.

5 Kenneth Phillips via Google logo

Casey Cleaver took over my DUI case and got me great results. Always communicated with me when things changed and kept me updated with everything. Thank you again

5 Josh Pavlosky via Google logo

Best lawyer in the state. I got a DUI in Clarke county, which is one of hardest counties for DUI’s. With the amazing experience and dedication that Greg Willis and his staff put forth my charges got dropped. I would definently recommend him to anyone in the same situation!

5 Allison Bagley via Google logo

Greg Willis Wins Landmark Case Against Georgia Supreme Court!!!

Earlier this year, the Georgia Supreme Court delivered an opinion in Elliott v. State, a landmark case that Greg argued and won, and the Court’s decision in Elliott has dramatically altered DUI laws in Georgia. The Court ruled certain DUI laws unconstitutional

Greg continues to challenge Georgia’s DUI laws and has several appeal cases pending that have the potential to affect the outcome of your case.

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You would about have to be crazy not to retain Greg as your attorney if you have been charged with a DUI. I was facing some pretty serious time and Greg was able to get it reduced to a way lesser offense that didn’t even go on my driving record. If you have ever been to jail, you know this is not the time to price shop. You get what you pay for. I believe his numbers and reviews online are 100% accurate. He is the real deal. I shopped and interviewed several other attorneys and he is, by far, the best. He and his TEAM actually investigate the entire thing. They went through radio chatter records, police reports, 4th amendment issues, etc, etc. Most attorneys are looking for a settlement. Greg and his team are fighting for their client!!! I can not recommend him enough. I read reviews, looked at stars, googled, everything I could, and I’m telling you- Go with Greg. Between jail, dui school, fines, insurance, Interlock devices, counseling, court appearances, probation, suspended sentences…… you do not want to take this lightly. His statistics are legit!!! I’m convinced he will go down as one of the all-time greats!!!

5 Kim Keheley Frye via Google logo

Greg Willis is the consummate professional. He is always prepared. Always respectful and absolutely deadly in a courtroom. Makes amazing arguments that stuns the competition. I would have Greg Willis represent me or a member of my family anytime.

5 Marla Goytia via Google logo

Love this firm and their team. Thank you Michael Harty for making this experience a breeze and his dedication!!! Willis law firm is the firm you need to hire for your lawyer needs. (:

5 William Kim via Google logo

Casey and the entire firm are the best in the game. Made the experience very simple and got the job done without any missteps. I highly recommend!

5 Trey Sharman via Google logo

Greg Willis is the best defense attorney in the state. Do not settle for council that will do exactly that, settle. Greg Willis is the best prepared and his knowledge of the law is exemplary.

5 Charles Gammon via Google logo

From my search it was evident that Greg Willis was imminently qualified and this was proven out throughout the pretrial period. I always felt that Greg had my back. I am elated about the results and would highly recommend Greg Willis for this type of case.

5 Jamie Medinger via Google logo

I would recommend this lawyer to anyone facing dui, dwi, ect. He KNOWS his stuff. He got a great outcome in my case when i was facing multiple charges. He got the majority of the charges dropped and the others reduced. He is kind and professional. Again I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs a lawyer of this type. Absolutely worth the money spent!

5 Tina Reid via Google logo

Just wanted to give a shoot out to Greg for fighting to get my case settled and doing a great job at handling everything for me.

5 Samsliger via Google logo

This guy is on point. He knows the law and challenges the portions of the law that he does not agree with! He never gives up and will take your case all the way to the Supreme Court of Georgia. If you are looking for someone to fight for you and never give up then you have found one!

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Attorney Greg Willis and his team provided excellent and quality service. Greg is very knowledgeable and diligent.

5 Shae Van Haltern via Google logo

Greg was fantastic! My case took longer than I expected but, all was worth it in the end and Greg was there to help every step of the way.

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I would highly recommend Willis Law Firm. They did everything I asked for and more. Very professional and excellent service.

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AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! Greg is an amazing attorney have already and will always refer him! Definitely got results!

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Best DUI defense in Atlanta no question. Google what he did at the Supreme Court.

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Great DUI defense attorney! 23 years experience in criminal defense and offers free consultations

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By far the best DUI attorney in Georgia! Don’t even consider hiring anyone else.

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The best DUI defense possible. Period. Accept no substitute.

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Great people

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