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Under Legal Limit .08 Attorneys

Tirelessly Protecting Your Constitutional Rights in Georgia

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    Under Legal Limit .08 Attorneys

    Tirelessly Protecting Your Constitutional Rights in Georgia

    Do You Need Legal Help?

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      Greg Willis has been successful at defending DUI cases (over 93% without a conviction)

      He's the only lawyer in the State of Georgia to ever be recognized for all three of these accomplishments.


      Received the Samurai Lawyer Award for having gone to jail for a total of 4 days in order to save his own client


      Received the BadAss Lawyer Award for the biggest impact of all DUI lawyers in DUI defense in the country


      Received the vote of Georgia Lawyers as a Superlawyer in DUI Law for 10 straight consecutive years

      "Attorney Greg Willis is someone I am truly thankful to have had in my corner during one of my most stressful times. He goes above and beyond and has your best interest at heart. I couldn’t recommend him more to anyone in need of someone to represent them as they deal with a DUI."

      - Juan Castilla

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      Atlanta Criminal Trial Attorney Greg Willis Testifying in front of the Georgia House of Representatives

      Atlanta Criminal Trial Attorney Greg Willis Testifying in front of the Georgia House of Representatives

      Atlanta Criminal Trial Attorney Greg Willis Testifying in front of the Georgia House of Representatives

      Atlanta DUI Attorneys » Atlanta Under Legal Limit .08 Attorneys

      Atlanta Under Legal Limit .08 Attorneys

      What is the Legal Alcohol Limit in Georgia?

      If you are a driver over the age of 21, Georgia law has set the legal BAC limit at .08%, however, you can land a DUI charge even if you are under this level.

      Even if a breath or blood test showed that you were legally on the road, a police officer could still file a DUI “less safe” charge against you, if they thought your driving was impaired by alcohol.

      At Willis Law Firm, you can find top notch DUI defense that’s available 24/7. When you face the criminal justice system, this awarded team of legal advocates can uphold your every right. Don’t hesitate to discover why the firm has achieved one of the best defense records in the state.

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      About Georgia’s DUI Less Safe Law

      Before you get pulled over, an officer still needs probable cause, which means that the officer needs to observe strange driving behavior, such as a car straddling the lane line, driving through a stop light, veering in and out of lanes, etc. But the officer will need even more probable cause to arrest you for drunk driving.

      Officers might suspect “less safe” driving if they observe:

      • Slurred speech
      • Reddened face and bloodshot eyes
      • Alcohol on a driver’s breath
      • Failed field sobriety tests

      That is all it takes to find yourself under arrest for driving under the influence in Atlanta, even if chemical DUI tests find you under the Georgia BAC limit and clear you of driving drunk. When the prosecution takes the case, they will lean heavily on the officer’s report of your behavior and appearance.

      If found guilty of a DUI under the legal blood alcohol level in Georgia, you could still face the penalties for an over the legal limit DUI. This means you could still face a jail sentence, fines, license suspension, community service, and alcohol education. Worse still, you would have to live with a public criminal record.

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      You can beat a DUI less safe charge!

      If you team up with a talented Atlanta DUI lawyer, however, you could find yourself acquitted, or see your charges reduced or dismissed. For instance, it may be possible to counter that your appearance is better explained by allergies, illness, or tiredness, etc. Looking over the police report, it may be possible to demonstrate that the police had no valid basis to stop you, much less conduct an arrest. It is also very possible to challenge failed field sobriety evaluations. At Willis Law Firm, you can find the insightful DUI defense you need, at affordable rates.

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      Client Reviews

      If you’re facing legal troubles and want to make sure you’re hiring the best lawyer to fight your case, the Willis Law Firm is the place to call. Their attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make sure their clients receive the best outcome possible. The office staff has always been extremely helpful and compassionate through each step of the way. Greg has helped me and my family with a few cases over the years and we’ve always received a great outcome. He and his staff are the best in the field. There’s a reason why other attorneys hire Greg to handle their cases! Highly recommend their services. You won’t be disappointed.

      Holly Cavanaugh

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