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HGN (Eye) Test

Protecting Your Individual Rights

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    HGN (Eye) Test Test

    Protecting Your Individual Rights

    Do You Need Legal Help?

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      Atlanta Criminal Trial Attorney Greg Willis Testifying in front of the Georgia House of Representatives

      Atlanta Criminal Trial Attorney Greg Willis Testifying in front of the Georgia House of Representatives

      Atlanta Criminal Trial Attorney Greg Willis Testifying in front of the Georgia House of Representatives

      Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) Test

      Understanding Your Available DUI Defenses in Atlanta, Georgia

      Field sobriety evaluations can be difficult to perform in any condition, and they can produce dubious results. The horizontal gaze nystagmus test is one such evaluation. If you are said to fail the test, you could find yourself under arrest for drunk driving. A failed test does not spell an automatic DUI conviction, however. At Willis Law Firm, the defense team includes an attorney with a 10.0 out of 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating for significant experience, a sterling reputation, and stellar legal ability. Don’t hesitate to see what these legal advocates can do for you.

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      How HGN (Eye) Tests Work

      When performing this test, an officer is looking for a nystagmus in your eyes, which is a formal way of saying that they want to see if your eyes will twitch, a potential sign of intoxication. During the HGN test, an officer will tell you to not move your head, and they will hold out something like a penlight for you to follow with your eyes. As you follow the light, the officer is looking to see if your gaze jerks along the way, or if your eyes twitch at a 45-degree angle. In fact, there are six such signs in total, and four such “clues” are enough to lead to a DUI arrest. The bad news: if and only if every part of the HGN test is properly followed, the test is known to be reliable 77 to 88 percent of the time, powerful evidence in the hands of a prosecutor. Even so, tests are not infallible, and there are many possible reasons that a test result is misleading. This is the case when an officer fails to properly give the test, if you have an eye or neurological condition, etc.

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