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DUI Charges
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Here you can find our collection of legal video resources to help you better understand your legal rights if you’ve been charged with a DUI in Georgia. If you have questions about a specific legal matter, please contact us to arrange a legal consultation.

First DUI Charge

Second DUI Charge

Third DUI Charge

Background Check After a DUI

Car Insurance After a DUI

Choosing a DUI Attorney

Common Mistakes After a DUI

Don’t Go With the Cheap Attorney

DUI Attorney Fees

DUI Case Timeline

DUI Child Endangerment

DUI Expungement

Minimum DUI Sentence

Nervous About Going to Court?

Emotional State of a DUI Client

Georgia Legal Alcohol Limit

How to Choose a DUI Lawyer

Important Info to Know After a DUI Charge

Jail Time for a DUI Charge

Relieving a Client’s Stress After a DUI Charge

Representing Yourself for a DUI

Steps After a DUI

Underage DUI

What is a DDS Hearing?

Why Court Dates Get Reset

Will I Lose my Job After a DUI Charge?

Worried You Cannot Afford a DUI Attorney

Out-of-State DUI Charge

The Right to Independent Testing for a DUI

Talking to the Police After a DUI Arrest Without a Lawyer

Ignition Interlock Device

Inaccurate Testing for DUI

Pleading Guilty Over a DUI for Reduced Sentence

DUI Probable Cause

Dismissing a DUI Charge

Cost of a DUI Lawyer

Charged with a DUI Without the Miranda Rights

Charged for a DUI Under the Legal Limit

Administrative License Suspension Hearing