How to Dress For Court

How to Dress For CourtWhenever you appear before a judge, the first impression that you make can have a long-term effect on the outcome of your case. If the judge does not believe that you take the accusations against you seriously, they may be more likely to impose harsher punishments upon you. By taking a moment to go through your wardrobe and being conscious of how your actions may impact your appearance, you can prevent your clothing from negatively affecting your case.

How should I dress for court?

The best rule for dressing for court is determining if you would wear this outfit to a wedding or to church. If you would not, then change. You will be judged the entire time that you are defending yourself and need to ensure that your clothing projects the image you intend it to.

Willis Law Firm have prepared some tips that can help you figure out what to wear for your court date to keep the focus on your legal defense and not what you chose to wear that day:

  • Wear clothing that fits properly, is clean, and well-maintained
  • Dress according to the claim you are trying to project
  • Maintain hygiene by being properly showered and shaved
  • Keep jewelry and makeup to a minimum
  • Cover up any tattoos and piercings that you can
  • Do not wear bright or garish colors
  • Wear dress shoes

While the way that you dress may not seem like enough to affect your case, the little things can signal a lot to the judge. For example, if you are wearing a new and expensive watch but your attorney is trying to claim that a conviction would cause undue financial hardship, the court may not believe that statement. If you are in court for a DUI-related charge and you wear a tee shirt with a prominent beer brand across the front, the judge may be less inclined to believe you were not drinking.

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