I Have An Upcoming Court Date. How Should I Act?

I Have An Upcoming Court Date. How Should I ActWhenever you are expected to appear in court, the way you act can have a profound difference on the outcome of your case. Imagine that you have been arrested for driving under the influence. At your court date, you show up acting sarcastic, wearing a ripped tee-shirt with the logo of a popular alcoholic beverage emblazoned across the front, or appearing slightly disheveled. No matter how solid your DUI defense case may be, the judge may be less likely to sympathize with your case and cite you for DUI based on how you behave in court.

You should always appear before the court looking professional, composed, and treating all involved with respect. Our attorneys at Willis Law Firm know what it takes to convey the best possible image to the court and can help you ensure you do exactly that.

Tips on Behaving in Court

No matter what your role in a DUI case may be, the way that you act in the courtroom can have a severe impact on the way you are perceived by the court and how successful your case is. Consider how you may act in church or during a wedding. This is similar to how you should seek to act in the courtroom.

When you must appear in court, be sure to:

  • Arrive early and prepared for the court case ahead
  • Wear business-professional attire
  • Avoid chewing gum or tobacco
  • Turn off your cell phone and other electronic devices
  • Stand when you speak
  • Not make faces or gestures when someone else is speaking
  • Use calm, clear, and deliberate language, free of slang
  • Avoid arguing with the judge, interrupting others, or speaking directly to the prosecution
  • Refer to the officials in the courtroom by their proper titles
  • Ask the questioner to clarify any questions that you are unclear about

Appearing in court for a DUI case is serious. A DUI conviction can follow you for life, so you need to ensure you do all you can to minimize your chances of being convicted. Being on your absolute best behavior in court and treating the judge and others involved with respect can go a long way.

Do you have an upcoming DUI case? Don’t appear before the court without an experienced DUI defense attorney! Contact the lawyers at the Willis Law Firm !


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