DUI & the Georgia Point System

DUI & the Georgia Point System

Since Georgia views driving as a privilege, the point system is a way for the state to track drivers that have multiple driving violations and use this information to revoke or suspend their licenses. A driver may have a number of small-level violations that, taken on their own, may not be seen as much, but when looked at as a whole indicates that the driver has a number of bad driving habits.

How does Georgia use points for license suspension?

Having a license suspended indicates to employers, insurance companies, and others that a driver may be a liability behind the wheel. Georgia looks at the past 24 months of a driver’s record and the points they have accumulated in that time. If there have been 15 or more accumulated points (if the driver is under the age of 21 it is just 4 points) can lead to a suspension. Those that have a license suspension due to a points violation will have their driving privileges revoked and be ordered to pay an appointed fine.

The more points a traffic violation incurs, the more severe the traffic incident. Unlawfully passing a school bus, speeding more than 34 mph over the posted speed limit, and reckless driving all carry the highest amount of points. If the driver has engaged in a serious violation, their license will be automatically suspended. These violations include driving under the influence, hit and runs, and attempting to evade a police officer.

Since a DUI is an automatic license suspension, it does not accumulate any points, but carries immediate consequences. For a first time DUI, a license suspension could be suspended for one year.

After six months, a driver may be able to have their license reinstated if:

  • They already have had their license suspended for 120 days;
  • Complete a DUI alcohol risk reduction program; and
  • Submit a $210 fine for license reinstatement fees

This reinstatement will apply for a driver to get to and from work, medical appointments, schools, and treatment programs.

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