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Arrested for DUI with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)?

DUI penalties for those who drive for a living can be particularly devastating, which is why commercial driver's license (CDL) DUI offenses are a particularly sensitive matter. The State of Georgia knows that these drivers are not only on the road often, but are also driving sizable vehicles capable of tremendous harm to property and other drivers. It is because of these factors that laws for CDL DUI offenses are especially harsh.

As a commercial driver, you will face much stricter regulations for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Not only that, but the consequences you face also likely be much harsher. You cannot afford to try and navigate your defense on your own. You need a trusted and seasoned legal advocate on your side if you have been charged with DUI as a commercial driver in the Atlanta area – which is where Willis Law Firm comes in.

Willis Law Firm knows how to handle tough cases, especially those involving CDL DUI in Georgia. Their award-winning legal team has accumulated over 20 years of DUI defense experience. They have the insight and resources to ensure that every possible legal option in protecting your rights is pursued to the fullest extent.

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DUI Penalties for Commercial Drivers in Georgia

In Georgia, CDL holders are held to a different standard than other drivers. As citizens, they are subject to criminal penalties, but also vastly enhanced administrative restrictions and penalties handed down by the Department of Driver Services (DDS). If you are a CDL holder and have been accused of DUI, you will likely have your license suspended for a minimum of one year. Unlike regular drivers, which must have a BAC below .08, CDL holders must have a BAC below .04, a much stricter regulation. You could even be operating a private vehicle at the time of your charges.

If you receive a second DUI conviction, you will likely have your CDL disqualified for life. However, if you took a breathalyzer test, you may be eligible to get your CDL reinstated in just 120 days, so long as you have no previous convictions with the past 5 years. Additionally, CDL holders who are caught driving a commercial vehicle and register a BAC of any amount under .04 must also be taken out of service for a full 24 hours.

Other penalties you may face include:

  • Having your personal license suspended/revoked
  • Jail time or probation
  • Restitution to any injury victims
  • Mandatory community service
  • Mandatory alcohol education program
  • Hefty fines and increased insurance rates

Our CDL DUI Attorney Is Ready to Fight for You – Call Now

If you are a Georgia commercial driver facing a DUI offense, it is imperative that you contact our firm immediately. CDL DUI is a serious charge that could severely impact your career and future. Retain an Atlanta DUI lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected. With more than 20 years of legal experience, Willis Law Firm is more than prepared to take on your case. We have the best track record of any DUI firm in the state! With your employment, driving privileges, and freedom on the line, make sure you trust your case to no one other than our firm.

Willis Law Firm understands that, for many, being able to drive is not merely a convenience, but a livelihood. That is why, if necessary, their representatives are prepared to stand with CDL holders through the entire DUI offense process—from administrative hearings to the criminal proceedings—and ensure all penalties are addressed and thoroughly combated. If you would like to learn more about CDL DUI charges and how to protect your rights and defend your career, be sure to contact our Atlanta DUI attorneys NOW for a free initial consultation.

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  • Client Fights DUI after Blowing .122 on Intoxilyzer 5000 Not guilty verdict returned by the jury in only
  • DUI Accident Involving a Police Car Not guilty of DUI, Reckless Driving, and Running
  • Attorney Faces DUI with BAC Twice the Legal Limit Case dismissed
  • Client Challenges Administrative License Suspension Client's full driving privileges were restored
  • Licensed Professional Faces DUI with BAC More Than Three Times over Legal Limit DUI case reduced to reckless driving.
  • Sales Manager Arrested for DUI after Award Banquet "Not Guilty" verdict for both impaired driving a
  • Stop for Speeding Results in Drunk-Driving Arrest DUI reduced to Reckless Driving
  • Charges Dismissed Despite a Blood Test Charges Dismissed
  • Client Drove Car Across Lawn Client’s DUI Charge Dismissed at Trial
  • Client Admitted He Drank Alcohol Before Driving DUI Dismissed


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