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Blood Alcohol Content: An Overview

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One of the most important factors in any DUI case is the defendant's blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of the alleged offense. BAC is used to determine intoxication levels, ultimately resulting in DUI charges when too high. The more you are informed on BAC, they better equipped you will be to build a strong defense against your charges with the help of an experienced attorney.

Calculating BAC and Impairment

Blood alcohol content essentially refers to the amount of alcohol that is in a person's blood after they have consumed it. BAC is measured as weight per unit of volume, and then converted into a percentage. This is where the restriction of .08% comes into play. Researchers decided that .08% indicated a general level of impairment across the board, eventually making .07% the official legal limit for all states.

For example, say someone had .10% BAC. This would mean that one-tenth of their blood is alcohol, typically causing some serious level of impairment.

The following functions are involved in driving a vehicle:

  • Information processing
  • Decision making
  • Eye-hand coordination

As alcohol in the blood travels directly to the brain, all cognitive functions are impacted, including those needed to drive a vehicle. Because of this, law enforcement must have some level of indication for risk. That is why a BAC of .08% is considered illegal, as it is the official marker point for impairment.

However, every person's body is different and the situation in which they consumed alcohol will be different, effecting their overall BAC. The type of food you eat, the amount of alcohol you consume, the rate at which you consume, your body weight, and the type of alcohol you consume will all affect your BAC, making it nearly impossible to calculate in every situation.

What Should I Know About BAC?

When someone has consumed an alcoholic beverage, the alcohol is absorbed through the walls of the stomach, where it enters the bloodstream. As part of the blood, it enters the brain and can cause impairment within 30 minutes. The amount of alcohol found in the bloodstream is called blood alcohol content. This is determined by calculating the parts of alcohol for every 1,000 parts blood. Across the United States, the legal BAC for someone that is behind the wheel of a car is 0.08%. This means that when the Atlanta BAC reaches this level, the individual may no longer be able to perform the same tasks as they would if they did not drink alcohol.

In order to determine Atlanta BAC, there are a number of factors that come into play, such as:

  • The number of alcoholic beverages that have been consumed
  • Amount of time in which these beverages were imbibed
  • Body weight
  • Gender
  • Food eaten before drinking

These factors can help determine how much alcohol will remain in the system. For example, if more drinks are consumed in a shorter amount of time, it will increase BAC levels, while heavier body weight and consumption of food can slow the absorption of the alcohol into the bloodstream.

The higher someone's BAC, the more impaired they may be. This impairment generally manifests as the reduction of activity in the central nervous system, such as loss of motor skills, loose muscle tone, inability to walk, slowed reaction times, and decreased blood pressure and heart rate. Fine motor skills are crucial when driving a motor vehicle. The legal limit of 0.08% is used to determine when a driver should be prohibited from operating their motor vehicle on the roadways. In fact, a BAC that is too high can cause someone to be placed in a coma or even result in death.

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